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Thank you very much for your company's trust, our company is able to complete the procurement of aluminum alloy project, especially to make the following solemn commitment:

1、quality standard

Strict control of raw materials for the production of aluminum alloy profiles, aluminum alloy profiles of the chemical composition, mechanical properties, appearance quality and so on completely in accordance with national standards.

Resolutely in accordance with the national industry standards, strict organization of production. Fully implement GB5237-2008 quality standard production, use the international ISO9001 quality management system certification standards.

2、Quality commitment

Each production process level control, strict inspection and testing, the use of advanced equipment to conduct a comprehensive inspection of aluminum alloy material, to ensure that the performance of the product reaches or exceed the national standards, meet customer's quality requirements, the quality of our company's physical quality and samples remain consistent.

If in the course of supply quality objection, we received feedback information will within 24 hours of give back, to within 72 hours of regular quality problems solve the rectification is completed; special quality problems of our overseas project, technology, quality control personnel to the scene with local distributors to jointly deal with.

My company sent a person in charge of the project's after-sales service, customers in the process of processing, such as difficult problems, the company is ready to send professional and technical personnel to help solve the problem.

During the project, our company will provide the most favorable after-sales service for the project.

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