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1. Agreeing with the culture and concept of Xinyin

2. Having a good reputation without bad records (such as defaults in cargo payments, economic disputes from own reputation, transshipment, sales or manufacture of false products or cheating consumers)

3. Good financial strength

4. Successful inter-personal relationship and sales network

5. Good capability in tackling markets and good marketing experience

6. Strong brand sales and propaganda awareness

7. Able to safeguard interests of companies and consumers and earnestly fulfill the management rules for the marketing and conduct faithful operations in the course of cooperation.

8. Possessing the qualifications for wholesales of aluminum profiles; providing necessary business licenses and the identity card of the legal person and the marketing plans for Xinyin brand in local markets.

If you agree with the conditions and are qualified, please call 0757-88844666 to join Xinyin, accept its management and enjoy its benefits.

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